The Tempio as “place of the heart” FAI: AVIS, Fidas, Fratres and Aido invite you to vote

There are symbolic places that go further than just our own territory. They are meaningful and they cross borders and local identities.

Tempio Internazionale del Donatore (International Donor’s Temple) lies in Valdobbiadene (TV), in Veneto. For more than 50 years it has been embodying peace, love of neighbour and an embrace between nature and solidarity. Built in an enchanting and evocative place, which is UNESCO heritage, it has been included by Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI) in its list of “places of the heart” that must be preserved.

Construction began in 1962 on a place that was tormented by World War I. There was a cannon position there and this reminds future generations to donate blood instead of shedding it. The Temple has been a place for meetings and events for decades and it has been visited by blood and organs donors from the whole Italy and Europe.  However, since 2017 it is closed due to inaccessibility, because of damages caused by bad weather and the passing of time.

It was a huge shock for donors. Avis, Fidas, Fratres and Aido did not give up and they have made efforts to reopen and restructure it. They met and founded the voluntary organization (ODV) Tempio Internazionale del Donatore and started a fundraising. Now there is a new, huge opportunity. As a matter of fact FAI, along with Intesa San Paolo, will award the most voted “places of the heart” in Italy some contributions.

Everyone can vote the building on or


“Knowing and valorising  our history and our values is important to us and to posterity – says the president of national Avis (Association of Voluntary Italian Blood Donors) Gianpietro Briola – The Temple is a fundamental building of this history, because it was built on the stones of a war, in order to remind to donate blood instead of shedding it.

 “The Temple has been carrying the function of raising awareness on blood donations for years – comments the president of national Fidas (Italian Federation of Blood Donation Associations) Giovanni Musso – and together with Aido (Italian Organ Donators Association) on organs and tissues donations.

 “Despite not being present everywhere in the territory, Fratres (an association of blood donors inspired by Christianity) is close to the Temple with the heart because of what it represents to its donors”, states the president of the national Fratres Vincenzo Manzo.

 “The Temple is already beautiful on its own because it represents people who donate parts of themselves to those in need – underlines Flavia Petrin, president of the national Aido – now it is even more because it brings together all those volunteer associations  that ensure that the donation of blood, plasma, organs and tissues takes place every day”.

“All donors, all kinds of associations, citizens, institutions, companies, parishes, schools can vote – says Gino Foffano, president of the ODV Tempio Internazionale del Donatore – because keeping the history and the value of donation safe is important for everyone”.

You can follow ODV Tempio Internazionale del Donatore on Facebook or on the official site (

You can also donate by using the IBAN IT96 Z030 6962 1561 0000 0006 851.

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